Business English

To get proper knowledge about writing skills like writing letters, emails, job resumes, report writing, business correspondence, conference calls, attending interviews, below are the few topics which help us in Business Etiquette.

Conference Calls

Conference calling, also known as teleconferencing, is a technology that enables large number of people to connect with each other over the phone to discuss business. Many industries use conference calls. Conference calls offer an efficient, effective alternative to face-to-face meetings. They are cost effective and time saving and hence important to learn in the syllabus of Business English. The rules of Conference Calls are taught in Kanaz English and Personality classes.

Business Emails

Today emailing is very important. Everybody corresponds through emails. A personal email represents you. Business emails represent you and the company. They represent your professionalism. Emails have replaced letters outside the organizations and memos within the organization. So the trend today is to correspond through e-mails. Learning how to draft perfect business e-mails is an essential part of Business English. Kanaz English and Personality classes teach you how to draft perfect business emails.

Interview Skills

An interview is the last step of a hiring process. Your employer and you evaluate each other. Your employer evaluates you on the basis of personality, confidence and knowledge. Hence it is important to learn how to speak in an interview, the frequently asked questions and dos and don'ts of behaviour in an interview, an important part of Business English. Kanaz English and Personality classes teaches interview etiquette.

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