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Kanaz English Speaking Classes

Today English Speaking has become important in all spheres of life. People from vernacular schools can benefit by attending our English Speaking class so as to improve their diction, better their vocabulary, develop their personalities and increase their confidence to face people in their daily interaction at work or at any other place. Doctors, lawyers, housewives and businessmen have joined to benefit from our course. Our Institution covers the course in grammar, fluency in speaking and vocabulary and majorly personality development.


Will I be able to improve in speaking english in three months?

Yes, if you work hard and have a basic knowledge of english.

Do you have branches in mumbai?

No we don't. However Dadar is a central locality for people living in suburbs and town.

Can your students speak english fluently after three months?

Yes, but the students who work hard and come regularly will definitely improve their english in three months. We give personal attention to each student.

What is the age limit to join the class?

There is no age limit to join the class but the student should have a young heart and mind and grasping power to pick up a language.

Does your class favour co-education?

Yes, the class favours co-education as when boys and girls come together they get more interested in learning.

I am weak in english. Will I be able to improve my english in three months?

Yes, you can speak but you should set your heart and mind into it. Also as everyone knows hardwork is necessary in any situation.

What is the strength of the class?

We have small batches of 7 to 8 students and individual attention is given to everyone.

What is the syllabus of the class?

Our English speaking course syllabus is uniquely structured. It enables a person to speak english fluently outside home or country. The course gives him the confidence to speak in everyday situations fearlessly with good etiquette and behaviour. That is why we stress on teaching English with Personality develpment at no extra cost.