English Speaking

Speaking English and correct pronunciation is a very important part of English language. Below are few topics taken in class:

Role Plays

To be able to speak English fluently, we make students act out certain situations. These are everyday situations at the bus-stop, railway station, airport etc. The students enjoy enacting out these situations and get a chance to speak English which further builds their confidence.

Building Confidence

In the Kanaz English speaking class, we help build confidence in the students. Confidence is trust in oneself. We create that trust in the students by making them speak more and more in class with practical training.


Sometimes in class the teacher gives the students a story in Hindi, Guajarati or Marathi which they have to translate in English. However the students have to translate the stories in English in a short span of time. This gives the students a chance to improve their vocabulary, pronunciations, memory and fluency.


The students who join our class sometimes come from vernacular backgrounds with less general knowledge and ability to communicate effectively. We in class give them a variety of topics to talk on extempore. The topics are simple, covering current and social affairs and the students get a chance to make points on them sometimes and talk. When they talk extempore, they get the confidence and knowledge which ultimately increases their self-esteem and prepare them for the future.

Group Discussions

The syllabus also covers group discussions where the students discuss certain burning issues of the country. This enables them to increase their knowledge and enhance their reading skills as they read newspapers to prepare before the group discussions. And at the end they also improve their speaking skills. We endeavour to make students fluent.


We also arrange debates in class for the reasons mentioned before. There are two teams who debate on certain burning issue which in return builds their courage, enhances their speaking skills and knowledge.

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