Personality Development

A vibrant, versatile and pleasing personality can easily open the doors of success. Below are some topics which we cover :

10 C's of Personality Development
  1. Common sense
    • Think properly before we do anything.
  2. Clarity
    • Thinking should be clear.
    • Our aim should be clear.
  3. Commitment
    • You have to give promises and always fulfill them. Stick to your word.
  4. Communication
    • Talk clear and discuss clearly with your family and friends. Don't keep a communication gap.
    • Be clear.
  5. Courage
    • You should be able to face any situation with courage.
  6. Confidence
    • You should have trust in yourself.
  7. Creativity
    • Learn new things every time and always do things differently.
  8. Competence
    • If somebody gives you work, you should finish your work on time.
  9. Consistence
    • Success should be same all the time. You should never let personal problems interfere in your profession.
  10. Concentration
    • We should be clear on our goals.

In today's corporate world learning how to eat the correct way and using the right crockery and cutlery is very important. To make a favourable impression in hotels and restaurants with your clients and achieve professional success we take you to a restaurant once every month to get you the hang of it. Dining Etiquette is an important etiquette to learn. Kanaz English and Personality classes endeavour to teach you this in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere


With the western culture coming to the fore, going to parties have become common. Kanaz English speaking and Personality classes thinks it appropriate to teach the right manners and behaviour in a party. Hence we have added this to our syllabus. It is essential to know the right way to present oneself in a party, dress code, gifting the host or hostess etc.


Grooming sessions are held in Kanaz English Speaking and Personality Classes. As etiquette is the first thing noticed in the corporate world, the first impression is the last. People don't miss the way you look, smell and walk. Today this is what people notice first hence grooming sessions are the need of the hour for everybody .Our class endeavours to make you look, dress and smell right that means the entire packaging is correct.


Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. Sometimes with positive attitude you can make impossible things possible.


When you want to set a goal and wish that it manifests, you have to have great belief in it. Intentions without desire have very little power to manifest. You should be clear about what you want.
Your heart should believe in it.
Any negative mental chatter destroys the manifestation of goals. If your thoughts are in pconflict with the goals, there are less chances of them manifesting. We will teach you how to set goals in order to help you achieve them.


One of the basics in a business is learning proper telephone etiquette. Telephone calls are part of everyday work. It is a necessary tool, which in most business is the first point of contact with customers. It can either make or break a business transaction or personal relations. Telephone etiquette is also one way of improving communication skills. So a part of personality development.

As the saying goes, first impression is the last. Most business transactions start with a telephone call and how the conversation goes often gives the customer an overall impression of the business. Thus, learning proper business telephone etiquette is important because a call can attract a potential future business client. Kanaz English and Personality classes teaches the same.


Manners and Etiquette teach us to behave right and with full responsibility. Manners distinguish us from behaving like animals in society. Hence teaching manners and etiquette is a social responsibility on Kanaz English Speaking and Personality classes.


When we say we are sending an SMS means we are texting someone. Texting means sending a short message from one cell to another. Today it is a trend to text or send messages to each other. You can text your teachers, friends, relatives at a cheaper rate than phoning. But there are some rules when we message or text. Kanaz English and Personality classes teach you the proper rules of Sms etiquette.


Try to develop yourself all the time as this will guarantee you success in life. If we take charge of our life even God will help us to achieve our goals. But for that hard work is necessary from our end .Nobody is perfect but we have to endeavour to work towards perfection. And for this we have to be on our toes all the time, taking feedback from people and gaining knowledge. Kanaz English and Personality classes help you to develop your personality to make a good impression in society.

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